Today is a good day

Today is a good day.  There is rampant tumult across the world and all our psyches, but I am grateful thus far today to have been at peace, coming off a weekend in the mountains returning to the mundane comforts of home life (sans kids who are still back in the old country for a couple more days).  The fact that I’m writing this entry at all is no small victory, this writer has been adverse to hitting the keys for quite a stretch now.

Much will be explored here once I get over my Gen-X-computer-gap-victim issues with the help of one of my MILFs. (More on The MILF Pack another time.) At long last I’m bringing all the various Facebook pages I’ve had over the years under one happy hippy eccentric politics ridden umbrella: Yoga With Liberty, Torrid Tuesdays, liberty speaking, The Pornographer’s Daughter, plus the aforementioned MILF Pack. My varied topics of exploration don’t necessarily overlap, but frankly, I’m over trying to compartmentalize my schitzo m.o. into a palatable resume that doesn’t confuse people.  Come along for the ride, we’ll figure it out.



Liberty :0)




3 thoughts on “Today is a good day”

  1. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m teetering on the edge of getting my shit processed in written form and have a sleeping giant WordPress space that’s been dormant for years. Nudges are always appreciated and never accidental.

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